Byron Bay Wedding Video | Fig Tree Restaurant | Dale and Britney

The wedding that started it all. I have decided to keep this on my site to share with you where i started in the industry and as a reminder to myself that on this day something twigged and i knew i could be creatively happy pursuing this kind of filming. Dale and Britney are two really close friends of mine that were married at Britney's family property just out of Byron Bay.

Dale begged me for nearly 6 months to film his wedding and i only agreed around a week out. I didn't really know what to expect, but i had my filming background to fall back on and my knowledge of how to piece a story together and said to myself "just film the way you film and you'll be fine". I've learnt a lot since this shoot about this kind of story telling, and have adapted not just suit my style, but more importantly, my voice and vision for the type of films i want to be making in the future.....AK

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