Starts Here


This is where it starts for me. Right here on this day, Friday the 13th of May 2016.

I am now full time in the wedding industry. The feeling I have of a new freedom with my work after so many years being micro-managed by creative directors and brand developers who didn't really know what they wanted other than to keep the client happy is so enriching. I am taking all my years of blood sweat and tears from the content creation industry and turning this new course I have set in too making my couples happy.

It's more than just another job for me. It's a feeling of creative freedom, my love of filming and photography can now be used to equal advantage and my words can be expressed through my writing. I never thought all those years ago that it was going to come from the wedding industry.

I know it won't all be smooth sailing like anything we do in life. There will be plenty of wins and losses and I plan to share my knowledge with you all either through the blogs of wedding's I shoot or gear knowledge and quick tutorials I feel are worth sharing. 

As always thanks to all who continue to support me.....AK