Review : A night at Mavis’s Kitchen long table event


Mavis's Kitchen Long Table Event


Being a wedding photographer that lives in the Byron Bay, Tweed Coast area, we get to sample all the lovely food from the venues we work at while shooting our weddings. We all have our favourite spots, not just for the photos, but for the lovely food we are served. Mavis's kitchen is one of my favourite venues for this very reason, epic photo opportunities on the property, and even better food.

A few weeks ago I was invited to come have a look at some of the new events that Mavis's Kitchen are holding. The long table idea is as cool as it sounds. 103 guests, a cocktail hour in the kitchen garden with entertainment, before 4 Interesting and original courses, served at 2 long tables in their rustic open air barn.

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Although the original plan had been to host the guests out in the open, under the stars, weather warnings persisted through the weeks lead up, making it all the more thankful that the Mavis property offers such a diverse range of spaces – the BARN, generally offered as a space to hold large wedding receptions in, was the perfect space to begin setting up for this SELL OUT event

When we arrived we were welcomed with a cocktail in the grounds garden where fresh produce is grown and used in the restaurant. Mavis's Kitchen is known for its stunning grounds, and the produce section of the garden is a lovely setting to walk around and admire the grounds keepers hard work growing all the fresh produce that we would later be eating. Speaking of eating, Bellinis, Ceviche and Duck prosciutto canapes got us started before we were escorted to the barn. Chef Pepe’s two lambs slowly taking on more heat and flavour from the burning embers as we settled in for the night ahead.

The starters were Pork and Rabbit Terrine and house made Dolmades with Hummus with cornichons, matched to the D’arenburg Riesling selected by visiting Sommelier from The Wine Tradition Justin Leith.

I had a good chat with Chef Pepe as he dismounted and started cutting up the lamb, He is everything you would expect in a passionate South American chef, cooking the lamb to perfection in only a way a South American knows how. He was telling me how this style of cooking is very old school, but it provides the best results for the meats end taste. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

This was all washed down with the second D’arenburg feature wine “the love grass” Shiraz.

Justin the Sommelier was loving the idea of the long table and being able to meet so many other foodies in the local area. He is based in Byron Bay and services a lot of the local restaurants and bars. His skill in matching the wine and food harmoniously was highly appreciated by everyone at this event.

Justin Leith sharing his knowledge

Justin Leith sharing his knowledge

To top the night off we were served one of the best deserts I've possibly ever had, Frozen Chocolate and Caramel Magic. Cold, rich and unexpected, the dessert received the highest reviews of the night. 

I guess Harmonious is the word that best describes the night, the food and wine matched perfectly but one of the most important parts of any event is the music. I was pretty impressed with the selection of jazz, funk and deep house that played at a perfect volume so everyone could still hear each other and enjoy the surrounds. 

Mavis’s Kitchen long table events are a monthly occurrence – tickets sell out fast, be sure to Sign up to the ‘keeping up with Mavis’ e-newsletter where all pre-release ticketing information is mailed to first. 

Congratulation to the team at Mavis's for throwing such a successful event and inviting me along, I'll see you at the next one.....AK