Bel+Brendans Sneak Peek at Figtree Restaurant, Byron Bay

Asher King Byron Bay Wedding Photographer | Figtree Restaurant | Byron Bay-19.jpg

Not all wedding have first looks but they are getting more popular. Bel+Brendan wanted to have one and get their images done before the ceremony.

This is one of the best things you can do. I constantly see couples have no time with their guests after their wedding ceremony. They have to run off and get the family photos, the bridal party shots, and finally the couple portraits before racing back to eat and then spend the last two hours listening to speeches for half an hour, cut the cake and then first waltz, and only after all of that, they get an hour to dance and drink with their friends before the venue closes.

Something to think about if your’e getting married and in the process of planning your wedding.

I recommend what Bel+Brendan did to anyone…..AK


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