Auckland Wedding Photographer | Sapphire Room, Ponsonby Central | Shayde+Micah

I landed in Auckland and the weather was unbelievably good, too good in fact. I picked up Shayde+Micah and we drove out to Maori Bay to have a look around and figure out what we were going to do for the photo shoot, especially if the light was going to be this harsh. After a stroll around the cliff tops and the beach we had a look in some near by bushland and decided what we would go for on the day. Micah and i dropped Shayde off and had a hour to kill before the family dinner later that night. We scouted a bit more as the light showed us what it was capable of in town before settling in under a heater to chat, and share a couple of pints before heading to dinner. It was here Micah shared with me how stressful everything had been leading up to Shayde and his wedding, he was glad it was finally coming together and that stress was lifting off those big shoulders he owns.

I often wonder why so many couples put themselves through it, the stress of a wedding when all they want to do is be together. 

"Why not elope"

I say this to most couples who are feeling the stress.

Shayde+Micah thought about it briefly but family is very important to these two and they both wanted to have a big party with the ones they loved. When i got to the family dinner i saw how close both sides of the family were to Shayde+Micah. It was a no brainer that these guys wanted to celebrate and enjoy each others company.

For me, this was a really emotional wedding, Ive never been so moved watching a mum say goodbye to her son the way Micahs mum did. Ive never thought about it from a mums point of view, her little baby boy, her first born that she has nurtured her whole life is now not all hers anymore.

Shooting weddings isn't about awards or nailing some epic shot that will get you recognition on some blog, at first i though this was the case, now i realise its the moments i get to experience when it would be a closed door for most people, my couples are letting me in, sharing, laughing, crying, smiling, so when something so raw and pure happens while I'm looking through my viewfinder i cant help be touched, and also affected. These moments leave me asking a lot of questions about myself, I'm realising i get just as much out of these situations as my couples do, and it makes me walk away better for having the experience. 

Thank you Shayde+Micah, just when i thought i had experienced it all you showed me how wrong i was.

Here's your story.....AK



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