The Wildest Four Day Wedding The Warwick Fiji Has Ever Seen - Steph+Dave

I got to know Steph+Dave briefly before we flew out of the country one morning at a Burleigh Heads cafe. Steph let me know that her and Dave had a very unplanned baby on the way and she would be 3 months pregnant by the time we got to Fiji. I was impressed at how excited Dave was expecting his first child, most 32 year old guys aren't too stoked when plans get shunted hard to the left with the arrival of an unexpected child.

We had a bit of time to kill the day before the wedding, so we drove around and hung out in the markets in Sigatoka for the morning, before heading up into the highlands at sunset to take in the view from above the lagoon.

On the morning of the wedding Dave was pretty emotional and i could tell how much he was missing not having his mum there to celebrate the day with him and Steph. Dave's speech was one of the most powerful and respectful speech's i've ever heard.


You could hear a pin drop when Dave said this one word. He went on to thank his mum and also tell her what's been happening in his life since she left. 

Not a dry eye in the room by the time Dave handed the mike back.

Dave's support group has been strong since his mums passing but none more so than Steph. The girl he met in the line to a club only two weeks after his mum passed away would go on to support Dave and his dad emotionally for years to come. A super cool lady who will no doubt make a awesome mum.....AK

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