Dave + Vicky // Portsea Wedding

Portsea Wedding

This was my first time to Portsea and it reminded me a lot of home. A small coastal town with everything you need to unwind and soak in the beauty of where the ocean meets the bay. Dave and Vicky asked me to fly down to photograph their wedding and have a good time with their friends. The ceremony was as perfect as Autumn in Melbourne can get. The reception was held inside the Portsea Golf Club, it was full of laughs with friends they have both had for well over 3 decades, but it would be the after party back at their beach house that would really get everyone moving. The one thing i learnt from this wedding is that not everyone wants a photo shoot. Dave and Vicky were just keen to get the party started and weren't to fussed with a traditional shoot. That was more than fine with me and i enjoyed go back into journalistic mode and covering the night as the party kicked up a few notches. At lunch the next day it was quiet evident that the party wasn't going to stop in a hurry. Three days and many laughs later as everyone made their way back to Melbourne i hopped on a plane back to Coolangatta exhausted but thankful to Dave and Vicky for their hospitality and trusting me to capture their wedding and making me feel so welcome.....AK