Are You A Dad Who Surfs With His Groms

Well, if your still reading this, we're going to get along fine. This shoot is valued at $350 and is only good for 3 Rad Dads.

My love of surfing and photographing in the ocean is something i want to bring to my family portrait sessions. After the success i've had with my Sand+Shore-break Sessions i want to see if this is a product i can offer the dads.

I'd like to test a few different image styles out on you, as a thank you i'll throw in a free 8x12 print. Don't worry, if you want more than one print these will be available for purchase.

Fill out the form below and i'll be in touch.


Dads Name *
Dads Name
Both dad and his grom are fit enough to paddle out the back and share a few waves together *
We can handle getting up for the early in the dark, and will be ready in the water when the light does its thing *