Tweed Coast Wedding Photographer | Osteria Casuarina | Jason + Dani

Tweed Coast Wedding

When I first met with Dani I thought she was joking when she said her wedding was going to be on May the 4th. Star Wars fans don't mess around and it was all going ahead as planned, including buying the masks for the photo shoot. 

The day started early with Jason, he is his father's career and we needed to get the ball rolling early to allow time to get everyone to the ceremony.  Dani who is well known for being notoriously late thought it would be best to start getting ready super early as everyone was taking bets as too how late she would be to her ceremony.

Dani has a really cool style, no shoes, just ribbon wrapped around her feet. She drove herself to the ceremony with her mum and sisters as passengers in a convertible mustang.

We found a little pocket of bamboo to take some photos then took advantage of the Tweed Valley and all its beauty stopping when we felt like it for a photo opportunity as we made our way to the reception at Osteria.

As usual, good times ensued with lots of family coming from far away to celebrate the wedding of these two. Thank you, Jason + Dani, for having me and trusting me with the task of creating some memories for you to share now, and into the future.....AK